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1. Subject matter offers an online platform in which members of various online services can get to know each other, persons under the age of 18 are not entitled to use this service.

2. Access

Each user needs an e-mail address, a pseudonym and password in order to register. An registration without accepting the terms and conditions is not possible.

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The registration is free to
There are two types of membership

Free Membership: The free membership includes the right to create a profile with pictures and text, and the use of features. The use of features is restricted.

3.1 VIP membership

In addition to our range offers to a paid VIP membership, it can be purchased.

VIP Members can use all features without restrictions The VIP membership includes also advanced features of, a list of additional usable functions are displayed on the VIP page.

In the VIP membership there three periods: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months. The VIP membership expires at the end of the scheduled time, there is no automatic renewal. To extend the VIP membership, the user must be active.

To become a VIP member, the user can opt for a term and pay the corresponding amount (prices on the VIP page).

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Our offers are only to be used for private purposes. It is forbidden to use data which are obtained by other members for promotional purposes.

The proliferation of pornographic, radical right-wing and immoral contents and pictures is prohibited. Contents that violate German law are also prohibited.

Violating the terms of use leads to cancellation of membership and to criminal prosecution in case of indictable offence.

5. Cancellation / Terminating membership

Cancellation by the member:

Each member is entitled to terminate his membership at any time.Cancellation is effected by deleting one’s own profile.

Cancellation by

Memberships can be cancelled by at any time in case of breaching the terms of use.

6. Data privacy

Data of members are kept secret and not disclosed to third parties.

Right of withdrawal: You can always make use of your right of withdrawal. This can be done by sending an e-mail to

You will receive e-mails regarding your membership from time to time. You can unsubscribe from these in the “Your Profile” section.

7. Commercial use

Any kind of commercial advertising, especially for other Internet services, will lead to criminal prosecution.The claim for damages in case of proven commercial advertising is 5000 Euros.

8. Liability by assumes no liability for the accuracy of data provided by their members. does not assume liability for damages that may result from hacker attacks either.

Nick: colorium
Age: 63
From: Germany
Nick: Börü
Age: 37
From: Germany
Nick: b.k....
Age: 42
From: Germany
Nick: Yesir
Age: 29
From: Belgium
Nick: necati55
Age: 54
From: Germany
Nick: Musti79
Age: 38
From: Germany
Nick: Hueseyin
Age: 53
From: Germany